Fox goes to bat for DVD market with ‘Sandlot 2’

Net partners with MLB to cross-promote pic

Fox is stepping up to the plate in the made-for-DVD movie arena with “The Sandlot 2” on April 26.

Live-action sequel to the 1993 surprise family-comedy hit about a group of neighborhood kids playing out their big league dreams is the first of Fox’s planned slate of original movies based on studio properties produced exclusively for the straight-to-DVD movie market. “Dr. Dolittle 3” is in development.

In “Sandlot 2,” James Earl Jones reprises his character from the original film that grossed $34 million in theaters and has been a consistent seller on homevideo for Fox, with 5 million copies sold.

Original writer-director David Mickey Evans returns in the same roles for the sequel, which also stars Greg Germann and Brett Kelly.

Disc will include the same level and variety of bonus features produced for DVDs of theatrical releases, including a featurette with former baseball great Dave Winfield and one catching up with the child actors from the original movie.

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Timed with the early part of this year’s upcoming baseball season, Fox has partnered with Major League Baseball to cross-promote the movie at Major and Minor League games and telecasts as part of the studio’s theatrical-level marketing campaign.