Ex-Par prexy kicking it up

Kirkpatrick hoping to turn Capoeira into fitness trend

It’s been 12 years since former Paramount Pictures prexy David Kirkpatrick arrived at his production offices on the Par lot and found his office furniture waiting outside to greet him.

But nothing in Kirkpatrick’s 30-year Hollywood career stands to be as headspinning as his newest venture, Boneco Capoeira.

BC isn’t a movie; it’s a form of exercise, based on a Brazilian martial art first introduced to American audiences in the high-kicking acrobatics of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Kirkpatrick, along with fellow former Par exec Joshua Wattles, is looking to turn BC and its “star” practitioner, Master Boneco, into the next TaeBo and Billy Blanks.

Kirkpatrick’s old bosses seem to believe he’s on to something. Paramount Home Entertainment and MTV Networks have made a deal to distribute a new line of BC fitness DVDs, with Bally health clubs having exclusive license to teach the classes.

In the last 10 years, Kirkpatrick has produced hits (“The Brady Bunch Movie,” “Big Night,” “The Opposite of Sex”) and misses (“A Smile Like Yours,” “Bruno”).

However, none of those movies stand to make Kirkpatrick as much money as the aerobic fireworks that trademark Capoeira. Blanks’ TaeBo series has brought nearly a half-billion dollars of revenue into Wal-Mart alone.