Dean promo kit looks ‘Giant’-sized

Warners goes for flash, not films

It’s not quite clear what exactly a James Dean “global media event” is, but if it’s anything like the invitation, chances are it’s an extravagantly packaged affair.

In commemoration of the 50th anni of Dean’s death, Warner Bros. recently sent out what at first could be mistaken for a DVD collection of Dean films. Instead, the enclosed DVD was an “event passport” that allowed a user to RSVP, via the Internet, to the Dean celebration, skedded for Feb. 8 on the Warner lot.

Also included were trailers for “Rebel Without a Cause,” “East of Eden” and footage from the Los Angeles premiere of “Giant.”

Those were pretty cool. But as for the film frame from a new Dean docu; the “collectible rewards card” that gets you a total of 10 bucks off purchases from two obscure Web sites; the pair of VIP tickets to the Indiana Dean Fest in June; and the plastic-cased event pass (and lanyard), what would even the most devout Dean fan do with such accoutrements?

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A note to studio marketers: Next time, keep the lanyard. But how about some DVDs?