HOLLYWOOD — Following complaints about the fuzziness over what time a film will begin playing, Loews Cineplex plans to publicize the actual start times of feature presentations.

Loews said it would launch thepolicy in locations in Connecticut on May 13 via movie listings noting that the feature presentation will start 10-15 minutes after the published showtime. The exhib will include the added information in all markets nationwide over the next month.

The move comes after legislation was introduced in Illinois and New York to require exhibitors to list two start times — one for ads and previews and a second one for the actual feature.

State representative Jack Franks said he authored the Illinois bill after he missed the first three minutes of “Hitch” when he decided go to the snack bar rather than sit through the ads prior to the showing. He asserted that moviegoers should have the right to opt out of viewing the ads.

“Loews Cineplex has listened to their customers and realized that this is a legitimate consumer issue,” Franks said in a statement. “I am not against advertising — I just want consumers to have the choice and be fully informed. I congratulate Loews Cineplex for taking this seriously and responding appropriately.”