The real Joan

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I was more than a bit surprised and angered by Brian Lowry’s first few words of the review for “Dynasty: the Making of a Guilty Pleasure” (Daily Variety, Dec. 29).

He states “bouyed by Alice Krige’s dead-on portrayal of Joan Collins.” How dare he presume that he knows Joan Collins, who she is and how she behaves? Neither he nor Ms. Krige have met Joan Collins and thus he is unqualified to make this assertion. Had he, he would have found a very down-to-earth, loyal and generous person who is a joy to be around, as I’m sure her true friends (and I’m not talking about the inevitable sycophants that a public figure collects, unless one is a recluse) will attest.

Please remind your critic, which is the politest term I can use for him, that Ms. Krige could only have portrayed Alexis, which was the only resource available. Whether she portrayed Alexis “dead-on” is a matter of opinion which I’m not qualified to make, since neither of us saw the program. But he should not imply that the fictional nature of this movie, which he himself defines as “cartoonish” has any bearing on reality.

This is exactly the sort of misstatement that the tabloids have engendered for years, confusing the character Alexis with my wife. Just because she made a character larger than life and very popular does not mean she is that character, it’s what an actress is supposed to do, and I defy you to challenge that.


Percy Gibson