Rooney tunes

Letter to the editor

As a subscriber to Variety and a 30 year show business veteran, one gets used to the occasional unpleasant review. However, your new theater critic David Rooney has now twice gone after me while reviewing a show that I’m not even in. In his review of “The Foreigner” he was particularly peeved with my work in “The Producers” and “The Frogs” and spent almost two paragraphs reprimanding me for it. And in his recent re-visit to “La Cage” I was luckily let off with just a warning about my lack of restraint.

So may I say “What up Dave? I don’t want to get all Dr. Phil on your ass, but where’s all this coming from? Do I owe you money? Did I cut you off in traffic? If you have a problem with me, I can live with that, but at least wait until I’m actually in the show to unleash the hard feelings. That seems only fair.” I realize this is unorthodox, but sometimes people have misplaced anger and it’s healthy to clear the air. Thank you.

With love for his fellow man,

Nathan Lane