Tafoya’s tapped for ‘MNF’ lineup

Guerrero out after only one season

ABC Sports has tapped Michele Tafoya to replace “Monday Night Football” sideline reporter Lisa Guerrero after only one season.

Tafoya is courtside reporter for ABC’s coverage of the National Basketball Assn. telecasts, including next month’s NBA Finals. Last season, she was on-site reporter for Sunday Night NFL games covered by ABC’s sister network ESPN.

Discussing Tafoya’s new role, “Monday Night Football” producer Fred Gaudelli said, “I think the No. 1 thing a sideline reporter can do is meaningfully contribute to the most pressing storyline of the telecast, whatever that may be.”

He acknowledged that the job of NFL sideline reporter is tough because “the rules there are more difficult and more stringent than they are in other sports.”

Tafoya agreed, saying she would miss the easy access she has to the huddles of NBA coaches during timeouts. And NFL coaches “are so focused on getting to the locker room” at the end of the half, she said, that she’ll tread carefully in trying to get them to stop long enough to answer her questions.