Having already produced six films from Swedish author Henning Mankell’s Wallander series, Swedish pubcaster SVT has purchased the rights to film the remaining three novels about the lonely, slightly overweight police detective.

The first, “One Step Behind,” will be ready early 2005. The others are “Firewall” and “The Pyramid.”

SVT drama chief Gunnar Carlsson has left the development of the project with Swedish production house Tre vanner; scriptwriters Klas Abrahamsson, Michael Hjorth and Tomas Tivemark; and Danish director Birger Larsen.

The writing team is behind SVT’s most recent Wallander film, “The Man Who Laughed,” starring Rolf Lassgard, which aired last Christmas to almost 2 million viewers.

Lassgard and several of the cast from “The Man Who Laughed” will appear in the new production.

Two of the six previous Wallander films, Pelle Berglund’s “The White Lioness” and “The Dogs From Riga,” were released theatrically.