Journos bring up abuse charges in Iraq

NBC News reports al-Badrani, three others mistreated

NEW YORK — An NBC News stringer and three Reuters reporters have revealed they were detained and physically abused by U.S. personnel earlier this year.

NBC News said Tuesday that Ali Muhammed Hussein Ali al-Badrani was detained in January along with the Reuters reporters at a military camp near Fallujah, where a hood was placed over his head for hours, in addition to him being struck and kicked several times. He also was prevented from sleeping and ordered to perform physically debilitating exercises.

Despite repeated requests, the Peacock’s news division has yet to receive the results of a U.S. Army investigation into the matter, NBC News VP Bill Wheatley said.

The Reuters reporters, who said they were beaten and forced to perform sexually humiliating acts, went public with the allegations after an Army commander in Iraq told the news org on Monday that there was no evidence of any abuse.

Reuters has asked the Pentagon to review the Army’s investigation.

(Wire services contributed to this report.)