Inside Move: Actresses’ post-‘Sex’ blues

As pic's nixed, 'City' girls look for new gigs

Now that HBO Films has put the kibosh on a “Sex and the City” feature, it must be asked: What rival project was so pressing that Kim Cattrall just couldn’t wait a little longer?

The actress, who portrayed oversexed publicist Samantha Jones on the cabler’s sitcom, effectively killed the movie when she refused to extend her commitment after the hold date expired and the film didn’t have a production start. (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, by contrast, had more patience.)

Cattrall is currently shooting “Ice Princess” for Touchstone Pictures, in which she portrays a former figure-skating phenom who’s now a disgraced coach. She’s also planning to produce a documentary for HBO and Canada’s CTV titled “Sexual Intelligence.” However, her plans to star in and produce a remake of Clifford Odet’s “The Country Girl” for HBO remain mired in development.

As for the rest of the stiletto-heeled quartet?

Reps plan to announce new film projects for them in the coming weeks, some of which were only idling until “Sex and the City” had cleared the runway once and for all.

But right now there’s a little bit of free time on everyone’s hands. Davis just starred opposite Matthew Modine in TNT’s “The Winning Season,” Parker has agreed to shoot a new Gap campaign that will begin later this summer, and Nixon is shilling for Oral-B products.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of disappointment,” sighs one actress’ rep. “Doing the film, that was everybody’s wish — or almost everybody.”