‘Farm’ sows seeds of discontent

Agricultural activists denounced skein as media circus

PARIS — France’s angry Farmers’ Confederation is up in arms over reality skein “The Farm,” aired by leading private web TF1, claiming that it ridicules their lifestyle.

The agricultural activists denounced the series last week as a “media circus” and gave TF1 a week to shut down the program or risk action. Series follows the travails of 14 stars working on a farm without electricity or running water.

The farmers, protesting in the Vaucluse region where the show is lensing, said that they would “do everything in their power to end this masquerade.”

The Farmers’ Confederation was behind the 1999 dismantling of a McDonald’s here that led to the jailing of farm activist Jose Bove. Bove’s arrest sparked massive protests across the nation.

“We have already shown what we are capable of winning against McDonalds,” a confederation spokesman told AFP. “TF1 will not turn us from our convictions.”

TF1 declined to comment.

(AFP contributed to this report.)