MADRID — Argentinean director Juan Jose Campanella (“The Son of the Bride”) will helm TV series “Vientos de agua” (Winds of Water) for Spanish broadcaster Telecinco.

“Vientos” is Campanella’s TV return; he directed episodes of “Law & Order” while working in New York.

Billed as a big-budget primetime series, it is Telecinco’s first incursion into period fiction. Skein traces the travails of a Spaniard who immigrates to Argentina in the 1930s contrasted with the experiences of his son, who settles in present-day Spain.

Much Telecinco fare, such as “Big Brother,” is targeted at a young-adult demo. The upscale “Vientos” looks likely to have a wider family audience appeal.

It is also a riposte to a rising wave of protest in Spain, led by its new socialist government, at the proliferation of trash TV in the country.

Campanella was at the Valladolid Intl. Film Festival on Friday to present its opener, his latest pic, “Luna de Avellaneda” (Avellaneda’s Moon).

He and Ricardo Freixa, the exec producer on Campanella’s “The Same Love, the Same Rain,” will then travel to Madrid to thrash out details of the series with Telecinco.

“Vientos” will be filmed in Buenos Aires, Madrid and the northern Spanish region of Asturias.