Allergic reaction sends Kimmel to hospital

Host able to finish yakker before heading to ER

Viewers watching ABC’s latenight “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday surely noticed as his face grew puffier and puffier.

Turns out Kimmel, who broadcasts his midnight show from the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, had an allergic reaction.

“I know this sounds like one of Courtney Love’s stories, but I took about eight Advil during the day yesterday — which is about five too many — and my head blew up like a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade,” Kimmel said Thursday. “I went to the emergency room and they let all the helium out. My face is still a bit puffy, but I’ll be back to work (Thursday).”

Kimmel was able to finish the hourlong program Wednesday but headed immediately afterward for a hospital, where he was treated and sent home.

Seems Kimmel wasn’t that rattled, since he’s had a similar allergic reaction before.

“You could see something was off. Throughout the hour, it got progressively worse,” an ABC spokeswoman said.