CBS easily captured Monday in key demo categories on the strength of a powerful “CSI: Miami” and strong scores for the comedy combo of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Two and a Half Men,” according to preliminary nationals from Nielsen.

“CSI: Miami” (7.4/19 in adults 18-49, 20.4 million viewers overall) matched its season high in 18-49, easily besting the combined scores of NBC and ABC in the 10 o’clock hour. CBS also led from 9 to 10 with “Everybody Loves Raymond” (5.8/15 in adults 18-49, 15.7 million viewers overall) and “Two and a Half Men” (5.7/14 in adults 18-49, 15.9 million viewers overall) and was second in the night’s opening hour with “Yes, Dear” (3.0/9 in adults 18-49, 9.5 million viewers overall) and “Still Standing” (3.7/10 in adults 18-49, 11.1 million viewers overall).

NBC did well in the first two hours, leading at 8 with “Fear Factor” despite subpar scores (4.5/13 in adults 18-49, 10.6 million viewers overall) and placing second at 9 with “Las Vegas” (4.7/12 in adults 18-49, 11.4 million viewers overall). At 10, “The Restaurant” (3.4/9 in adults 18-49, 6.9 million viewers overall) was on par with recent scores and placed a distant second.

Fox ran third with two hours of “The Swan,” the first averaging a 2.8/8 in adults 18-49 and 6.2 million viewers overall and the second, in its regular timeslot, picking up to a 4.0/10 in the demo and 8.8 million viewers overall.

ABC struck out with original “Wonderful World of Disney” pic “A Wrinkle in Time” (2.2/6 in adults 18-49, 7.0 million viewers overall), finishing behind the WB in key demos for the night.

Preliminary 18-49 averages for the night: CBS, 5.5/14; NBC, 4.2/11; Fox, 3.4/9; WB, 2.5/7; ABC, 2.2/6; UPN, 1.5/4.