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The WB’s WPIX beat the Peacock’s flagship Gotham station in picking up the most New York Emmy Awards on Sunday night, largely for its coverage of the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

WPIX went home with 11 Emmys, followed by WNBC — the leader for much of the past decade — which took nine awards. WNBC came into the competition with the most noms (32).

Administered by the New York Chapter of the National Television Academy, awards covered the 2002-2003 TV season.

In two of the most coveted categories, WCBS’ coverage of the July 2003 City Hall shooting won an Emmy for single newscast under 35 minutes, while Fox WNYW’s 10 p.m. news program picked up the award for single Newscast over 35 minutes.

WCBS also walked away with the Emmy for coverage of an instant breaking news story for its reporting on the August 2003 blackout.

WNBC won Emmys for single hard news story, multipart hard news story and single news feature.

The Emmy for investigative journalism went to WWOR.

WABC picked up an Emmy for entertainment programming: single story or special; while Time Warner NY1 News won for entertainment programming: segment(s).

Telemeundo WNJU news anchor Natalia Cruz picked up the Emmy for on-camera achievement for a news anchor/host.

Also at the 47th annual New York Emmy Awards ceremony, WNBC and WNJU VP for station relations Anna Carbonell was honored with the Board of Governors’ Award.

And the winners are . . .

Single Newscast: Under 35 minutes
CBS 2 News at 11: City Hall Shooting. July 23, 2003. (WCBS-TV Channel 2). Kristin Quillinan, Executive Producer; Gerard Andrews, Producer; Ernie Anastos, Dana Tyler, Anchors; Richard Bamberger, Assignment Manager; Paul Zucker, Director.

Single Newscast: Over 35 minutes
Fox 5 News at 10 pm. May 20, 2003. (WNYW FOX 5). Michelle Donovan, Executive Producer; Joseph Farrington, Assignment Editor; Peter Pontillo, Director; Rosanna Scotto, Len Cannon, Anchors.

Single Morning News Program
Good Day New York. February 6, 2003. (WNYW FOX 5). David Shenfeld, Executive Producer; Adrienne Paxton, Producer; Tommy Simpson, Director; Rosanna Scotto, Anchor.

Coverage of Instant Breaking News Story
NYC Blackout. August 14, 2003. (WCBS-TV Channel 2). Philip O’Brien, Assistant News Director; Maura McHugh, Kristin Quillinan, Executive Producers; John Verrilli, Managing Editor; Richard Bamberger, Assignment Manager; Brian Lowder, Andrew Friedman, Wanda Prisanzano, Assignment Editors; Ernie Anastos, Dana Tyler, Anchors; Jeffrey Gesoff, Gerard Andrews, Kelly Drossel, Mindy Bloom, Emad Asghar, Producers; David Diaz, Hazel Sanchez, Andrew Kirtzman, Marcia Kramer, Robert Strang, Brendan Keefe, Lisa Daniels, Jay Dow, Louis Young, Joseph Biermann, John Slattery, Morry Alter, Mary Calvi, Reporters; Susan King, Director.

Coverage Of An Anticipated News Story
Air 11 Remembers 9/11. September 11, 2002. (WPIX-TV). Melinda Murphy, Reporter; Jennifer Larned, Chet Wilson, Ray Rivera, Segment Producers.

Coverage of a Continuing News Story
Journey of Hope. May 19, 20, 2003. (News 12 Long Island). Michael DelGiudice, Photojournalist, Editor, Producer; Elizabeth Hashagen, Producer.

Single Hard News Story
Vietnam. October 31, 2002. (WNBC-TV). Chuck Scarborough, Reporter; Steve Narisi, Producer.

Multi-part Hard News Story
U.S.S. Eagle. March 25, 26, 2003. (WNBC-TV). Danielle Parker, Producer; Chuck Scarborough, Reporter.

Single News Feature
A Mother’s Timeless Love. May 13, 2003. (WNBC-TV). Michele Marsh, Reporter/Producer; Sandra Kirkman, Producer.

Multi-part News Feature
Friday Night Feasts. May 2, 9, 16, 2003. (WPIX-TV). Jackie Hyland, Reporter; Rashida Craddock, David Scanlon, Segment Producers.

Investigative Journalism
No Way to Live. January 30 – July 16, 2003. (WWOR-TV). Barbara Nevins Taylor, Reporter; Kathleen Coles, Noreen Coles, Linda Sachs, Producers.

News Special
The Morning of September 11, 2001. September 11, 2002. (WPIX-TV). Caesar Darias, Producer.

Event Coverage
9/11: America Remembers. September 11, 2002. (WPIX-TV). Karen Scott, News Director; John Houseman, Lauren Petterson, Executive Producers; Wiliberto Ocasio, Robert Cucchiaro, Tami Ruiz, Jennifer Cunningham, Justin Mannato Producers; Dana Kochnower, Monique Singh-Roy, Stefanie Schwartz, Marcia Parris, Sujata Sinha, Marian Morales, Lisa Mateo, Segment Producers; Jake Soto, Ralph Augenfeld, Cliff Herman, Coordinating Producers; Lynne White, John Muller, Jim Watkins, Kaity Tong, Mary Murphy, Sukanya Krishnan, Craig Treadway, Talent.

Entertainment Programming: Single Program or Special
A Night at the Big Apple Circus. December 21, 2002. (WABC-TV). Darcy R. Bonfils, Angelo Martin, Producers; Elaine H. Peake, Executive Producer; Roz M. Abrams, Talent.

Entertainment Programming: Segment(s)
Neil Rosen Celebrity Interviews. Dec. 17, 18, 2002; March 6, 2003. (NY1 News). Neil Rosen, Producer.

Children’s Programming
Safe Escape. May 8, 2003. (WWOR-TV). Kristin Driscoll, Brenda Flanagan, Noreen Coles, Producers.

Teen Programming: Single Program or Special
Proud to be a Girl. March 23, 2003. (Thirteen/WNET). Helene Lerner, Executive Producer/Host; Suzanne Mitchell, Senior Producer; Marilyn Kaskel, Senior Producer; Natalie Reuss, Producer.

Teen Programming: Series, Segment(s)
IMNY. February 24, June 9, 2003. (WNYE-TV). Dempsey Rice, Producer.

Religious Programming
Midnight Mass. December 25, 2002. (WPIX-TV). Carlos A. Austin, Executive Producer; Bob Pronovost, Director.

Educational Programming: Single Program or Special
Storm Warning. May 21, 2003. (WRGB-TV). Steve LaPointe, Mike Augustyniak, Sony Stark, Producers.

Educational Programming: Series
Hitching A Ride. July 5, 2003. (WXXI Rochester, NY). David B. Marshall, Producer/Editor; Gertrude Houston, Field Producer.

Environmental Programming
The Race for Open Space. April 17, 20, 2003. (NJN Public Television). Janice Selinger, Executive Producer; Lynn Kosek Walker, Producer; Dari Mandell, Sia Nyorkor, Associate Producers.

Business/Consumer Programming: Series
Clothing Donations. July 16-18, 2003. (News 12 New Jersey). Walt Kane, Producer/Reporter; William Schlosser, Producer; Anthony Cocco, Segment Producer.

Business/Consumer Programming: Segments(s)
Kaballah Water. May 15, 2003. (WNYW Fox 5). John Deutzman, Reporter; Vincent Mariani, Alan Lesner, John Sprei, David Saltman, Producers; Raymond Parisi, Executive Producer.

Political Programming
Kirtzman’s Columns. Jan. 10, 17, March 7, April 25, May 2, 6, 2003. (WCBS-TV Channel 2). Andrew Kirtzman, Reporter.

Health/Science Programming: Single Program or Special
School Lunches. October 29, 2003. (News 12 Long Island). Shari Einhorn, Reporter/Producer.

Health/Science Programming: Series
Vacunar a Sus Niños: ¿Peor la Cura que la Enfermedad?. February 17, 18, 19, 2003. (WXTV 41 / Univision). Naomi Pestana, Hector J. Moya, Producers; Olga Alvarez, Reporter.

Health/Science Programming: Segment(s)
Bad Hair. July 17, 2003. (WWOR-TV). Matthew Schwartz, Reporter; Linda Sachs, Producer.

Societal Concerns Programming: Single Program or Special
Harlem Champions: Road to Williamsport. February 11, 2003. (YES Network). Leslie Boghosian, Producer/Reporter; Evan Kanew, Producer; Shari Lampert, Post Production Producer; Leo Hindery, Production Executive; John J. Filippelli, Executive Producer; Woody Freiman, Supervising Producer; Marc Rosenweig, Supervising Producer; Janice Platt, Coordinating Producer.

Societal Concerns Programming: Segment(s)
Sweet 16 (segment from series IMNY). April 21, 2003. (WNYE-TV). Caress Lovelace, Producer; David Meneses, Producer.

Crime Programming
Ukraine Scam. November 19, 2002. (WNYW Fox 5). Linda Schmidt, Reporter; Nancy Delape, Vincent Mariani, Producers; Raymond Parisi, Executive Pro-ducer.

Historical/Cultural Programming: Single Program or Special
The Flood of ’35. September 27, 2002. (WSKG-TV). Brian K. Frey, Producer.

Historical/Cultural Programming: Series
New York Voices. November 8, 2002 and July 21, 2003. (Thirteen/WNET). John DeNatale, Executive Producer; Bob Morris, Supervising Producer; James Nicoloro, Show Producer; Rafael Pi Roman, Host.

Historical/Cultural Programming: Segment(s)
Pride & Prejudice: Black History Month 2003. February 17 & 24, 2003. (News 12 Long Island). Virginia A. Huie, Talent.

Arts Programming
Yankees Access: Bernie Williams and his Music. August 10, 2003. (Major League Baseball Productions, for the YES Network). David Gavant, Executive Producer; Leo Hindery, Production Executive (YES); John J. Filippelli, Executive Producer (YES); Woody Freiman, Supervising Producer (YES); Marc Rosen-weig, Supervising Producer (YES); Janice Platt, Coordinating Producer (YES); David Check, Senior Coordinating Producer; Jeff Spaulding, Senior Producer; Steve Fortunato, Senior Managing Producer; Adam Schlackman, Managing Producer; Pete Panagoulias, Producer.

Promotional Announcements: News Promo (Generic & Special Series)
Home Improvement Made EZ. November 2002. (WNBC-TV). Ingrid S. Taveras, Producer; Otto Petersen, Designer; Kathy Dannecker, Editor.

Promotional Announcements: Promo for Program (Series/Special)
Homer. June 2003. (WNYW FOX 5). Ken Ashley, Dennis Cohen, Producers; Jon Paul LoMonaco, Design Director.

Promotional Announcements: Promo for Program (Series/Special)
Winter Weather. December 28, 2002. (WNBC-TV). Vicki McDonald, Bruce Erik Brauer, Dick Weisberg, Producers.

Promotional Announcements: Sports
Mets Theatre Campaign. April 1, 2003. (Madison Square Garden Network). Leon Schweir, Steve Mars, Executive Producers; John Burger, Producer.

Public Service Announcements
Imagine New York. September 2002. (FOX, NY1, CUNY-TV/Psquaredfilm). Peter V. Putka, Producer/Director; Micaela Birmingham, Executive Producer.

Commercial Announcements
Yesnetwork.com. April 11, 2003. (YES Network). John Brueckner, Senior Producer; Daniel Guernsey, Producer; John J. Filippelli, Executive Producer; Marc Rosenweig, Supervising Producer; Woody Freiman, Supervising Producer; Janice Platt, Coordinating Producer.

MSG Network Interactive Television. March – April 2003. (Madison Square Garden Network). Stephen Costantino, VP, MSG New Media; Eric Walsh, Executive Producer Interactive TV; Gregg Freeman, Executive Producer MSGNetwork.com; Ryan Braithwaite, Producer, Interactive TV; Brian Schiazza, Associate Producer MSGNetwork.com; John Kaminsky, VP Internet Services, C2 Creative.

Live Sports Coverage: Single Program
Patrick Ewing Night: #33 Retired. February 28, 2003. (Madison Square Garden Network). Leon Schweir, Executive Producer; Howie Singer, Producer; Bobby Lewis, Director; Spencer Julien, Jim Gallagher, Associate Directors; Kevin McHale, Graphic Coordinator; Marv Albert, Walt Frazier, Al Trautwig, Talent.

Live Sports Coverage (Series): Professional
New York Islanders. October 2002 – May 2003. (Fox Sports Net New York). Leon Schweir, Executive Producer; Kevin Meininger, Producer; Larry Roth, Director; Charlie Cucchiara, Associate Director; Peter McEvily, Graphic Coordinator; Howie Rose, Joe Micheletti, Deb Kaufman, Talent.

Sports Programming: Single Program or Special
After the Garden: Vitas Gerulatis. October 20, 2002. (Madison Square Garden Network). Leon Schweir, Executive Producer; Anthony Harris, Producer; Alex Aponte, Associate Producer.

Sports Programming: Series
Yankeeography. March 30, 2003. (Major League Baseball Productions, for the YES Network). John J. Filippelli, Executive Producer (YES); Leo Hindery, Production Executive (YES); Woody Freiman, Supervising Producer (YES); Marc Rosenweig, Supervising Producer (YES); Janice Platt, Coordinating Producer (YES); John Sterling, Producer (YES); David Gavant, Executive Producer; David Check, Senior Coordinating Producer; Jeff Spaulding, Senior Producer; Steve Fortunato, Senior Managing Producer; Adam Schlackman, Managing Producer; Brian Barrow, Jim O’Hara, Kristen Snyder, Jason Weber, Lead Producers; Jeff Scott, Jason Katz, Leslie Macher, Brian Schulz, Jed Tuminaro, Matt Anderton, Peter Casale, Stu Kirshenbaum, Eliza Kurtz, Erik McMichael, Katie Morgan, David Schwinger, Damien Rodriguez, Tom Rome, Producers.

Sports Programming: Segment(s)
Gameday New York. August 24, 2003. (WNBC-TV). Doug Safchik, Producer; Jim Bell, Executive Producer.

Sports News Coverage
Hockey Heroes. February 26, 2003. (News 12 Long Island). Doug Geed, Reporter; Michael DelGiudice, Producer.

On-camera Achievement (News): Anchor/Host
Natalia Cruz, Anchor for Composite. June 19, 10, 2003; Dec. 18, 2002. (WNJU 47 / Telemundo).

On-camera Achievement (News): General Assignment & Live Field Reporting
Cathy A. Hobbs, Reporter for Cathy Hobbs Composite. May 21, 2003; Sept. 11, 2002; Feb. 4, 2003. (WPIX-TV).

On-camera Achievement (News): Investigative Reporting
Tim Minton, Investigative Reporter for Tim Minton composite. Dec. 9, 2002; Feb. 10, April 24, 2003. (WNBC-TV).

On-camera Achievement (News): Feature Reporting
Lisa LaRocca, Reporter for Through Thick & Thin. January 13, 14, 15, 2003. (News 12 Westchester).

On-camera Achievement (News): Health Science & Business/Consumer Reporting
Arnold Diaz, Reporter for Shame on You Series Compilation. March 13, May 15, August 14, 2003. (WCBS-TV Channel 2).

On-camera Achievement (News): Commentary/Criticism, Entertainment Reporting
Emily Frances, Entertainment Anchor/Morning News for Emily Frances Composite. Dec. 10, 2002; May 15, 16, 2003. (WPIX-TV).

On-camera Achievement (News): Weather Reporting
Bill H. Evans, Meteorologist for Bill Evans Just a Tank Away. April 24, 2003. (WABC-TV).

On-camera Achievement (Programming): Host/Performer & Moderator/Interviewer
Richard Collier, Host for Subway Q&A. April 20, 27, 2003; Nov. 13, 2002. (MetroTV).

On-Camera Achievement (Sports): Reporting
Kurt R. Siegelin, Talent for Kurt Siegelin Composite. June 5, 6, 2003; October 20, 2002. (News 12 New Jersey).

On-camera Achievement (Sports): Analysis in a Live Sportscast (Color Commentary), Play-by-Play
John Davidson, Analyst – NY Rangers for John Davidson – NY Rangers. October 2002 – April 2003. (Madison Square Garden Network).

Writer: Documentary
Brian K. Frey, Writer for The Flood of ’35. September 27, 2002. (WSKG-TV).

Director: News
Robert S. Pronovost, Director for Robert Pronovost. December 24, 2002. (WPIX-TV).

Director: Documentary
Raymond Parisi, Director for Capturing 9/11: Stories From Behind The Lens. September 11, 2002. (WNYW FOX 5).

Camera: News
Michael DelGiudice, Photojournalist for Journey of Hope. May 19, 20, 2003. (News 12 Long Island).

Camera: Documentary & Entertainment
Michael DelGiudice, Photojournalist for Hannibal’s Haunted House. October 30, 2002. (News 12 Long Island).

Camera: Sports
Michael DelGiudice, Photojournalist for Family Affair. April 29, 2003. (News 12 Long Island).

Editor: News
Konstandino Stratigeas, Editor for Wasted Youth: Party Animals. June 2, 2003. (News 12 Westchester).

Editor: Documentary
Duncan Cameron, Editor for Speak Up New York!. October 30, 2002. (WXXI-TV).

Editor: Entertainment
Michael DelGiudice, Editor for Hannibal’s Haunted House. October 30, 2002. (News 12 Long Island).

Editor: Short Form
Kathy Dannecker, Editor for Promo Composite Kathy Dannecker. Various dates in 2003. (WNBC-TV).

Editor: Sports
Roy Schneider, Editor for Roy Schneider. Various dates in 2003. (Madison Square Garden Network).

James W. Boyd, Audio; Joseph J. Rumore, Audio Assistant for Individual Achievement/Live Music Performances WB11 Morning News. April 24, February 13, April 15, 2003. (WPIX-TV).

Suzanne Glickstein, Researcher for Walking Tours: A Walk through Hoboken. August 13, 2002. (Thirteen/WNET).

Original Music Composition: Song & Theme
BJ Smith, Creative Director; Axel Ericson, Producer/Composer for Feet, Fists & Fury Show Open. May 24, 2003. (MetroTV).

Bruce E. Brauer, Design Director Wednesday’s Child. September 24, 2002. (WNBC-TV).

Joe Baer, Lighting Director; Julian Turock, Video Shader for Performance / Demo / Lighting for WB11 Morning News. September 2002; April, May 2003. (WPIX-TV).

Art Direction/Scene and Set DESIGN
Mina Albergo, Scenic Designer for Angles. February – March 2003. (Madison Square Garden Network).

Off-camera Achievement
Dave Kimmel, Field Operations Chief. Anthony Mazza, Dawn Howes, Photographers; Scott Goldsmith, Truck Operator; Marian Morales, Remote Coordi-nator for WB 11 Morning News: Live Remote Television Productions. Various dates in 2003. (WPIX-TV).