‘Helen’ raises a crush

Marshall aims to keep parents away with pics

For Disney, it’s the season of Garry Marshall.

“He bookends our summer,” said distribution prexy Chuck Viane at “Raising Helen’s” El Capitan premiere May 26. “We’ve got this now and ‘Princess Diaries 2’ in August.”

The helmer noted the difference between the two pics by saying “Helen” is PG-13 — “whatever that means” — and “Diaries” is “a total G; my greatest work is keeping the parents awake.”

The greatest work at the premiere was getting guests through the traffic: across the street at the Kodak, “American Idol’s” coronation ceremony seemed to have attracted every fan/tourist in the Western Hemisphere.

Among those making their way through the crush were Disney’s Oren Aviv; producers Ashok Amritraj, David Hoberman, Mario Iscovich and Todd Lieberman; plus guests Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Linda Lichter, Armyan Bernstein, Charlie Lyons, Jon Jashni and Matthew Perry.