Greener pastures

Hollywood comes out to support Mother Earth

Who knew the environment was such a draw?

After the Oscars and Golden Globes, Thursday’s Natural Resources Defense Council fundraiser had the year’s strongest industry turnout. And unlike the other two, this was an event no one actually had to attend.

Among those filling the Wadsworth Theater for “Earth to L.A.! — The Greatest Show on the Earth” were NRDC trustee Alan Horn, Peter Chernin, Ron Meyer, Les Moonves, Barry Meyer, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tom Freston, Amy Ephron, Jeff Robinov, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, Mo Ostin, Brian Grazer, Jim Gianopulos, Peter Morton, Joel Silver and Lawrence Bender.

The night’s other surprise was that a show rich with talent — Tom Hanks, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Larry David and Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow were among those entertaining the aud — the evening’s highpoint came during a speech by a lawyer.

Speaking without notes for 30 minutes, NRDC senior attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. teed off on the Bush administration’s environmental record, “pollution-based prosperity” and “corporate crony capitalism,” stressing how vital the entertainment community is to environmental work.

“In the last few years we’ve lost Congress, the Senate and the White House,” said Kennedy. “The one real power center we have left is this community.”

Until he spoke, the show had played unevenly (“Curb your enthusiasm,” Hanks said to the aud at one point), but Kennedy’s speech garnered a standing ovation.

Chaired and produced by Laurie David and Elizabeth Wiatt, the event raised $2.6 million. Among the guests at the tented after-party were Tony Bill, Lance Armstrong, Bob Daly, Mike Medavoy, Ray Romano, Ed Zwick, Mark Gill, Julia Ormond, Sean Daniel and Steve Tisch.