From b’cast to Botox

Hatcher, Kermit, Lauper help kick off Mouse soiree

HOLLYWOOD — A motley assortment of 1,300 foreign TV station program buyers sat through marathon screenings of new series for network television last week, so by the time night fell, they were ready to party.

The Hollywood studios, which are the companies that distribute the new shows to stations abroad, obliged by putting on a number of lavish soirees.

The Mouse House kicked off things by bringing out stars as diverse as Teri Hatcher and Kermit the Frog May 23. Cyndi Lauper belted out a few numbers for the SRO crowd at the Kodak.

Universal opened up its back lot to disco dancing and free manicures as well as a chance to mob “Monk” star Tony Shalhoub and shake hands with potential celebs from its new shows. The casts of upcoming dramas “Blind Justice” and “Medical Investigations” as well as Mark Harmon from “NCIS” and Scott Bakula from “Enterprise” graced the Paramount lot for an extravaganza May 26.

And to celebrate its latest series, “Dr. 90201,” E! put on a Botox blowout in which execs could partake of massages, manicures and, yes, injections of the antiwrinkle stuff from certified plastic surgeons. This is Hollywood.

— Elizabeth Guider