The Osbourne clan and MTV camera crews seemed like one big happy family at the Covenant House Youth Awards Friday night at the BevHills Hotel.

“Wherever we go (the cameras) go,” explained honoree Sharon, who admitted the family is still unsure it will continue the series after filming for this season is completed in June.

However, the family was certain about one thing — their need for yet another dog, which they acquired during the live auction for the homeless org.

Meanwhile, honoree Charlize Theron slipped in just before dinner was served, explaining in between courses how she decides which charities to support.

“For me it’s like choosing a film role — you either tap into (the charity) emotionally or you don’t,” Theron said. Joining Theron was “Monster” helmer Patty Jenkins, Beau Bridges and Covenant House exec director George R. Lozano.