Festgoers kicked up their Achilles heels Thursday as Warner Bros.’ “Troy” bowed out of competition at the Palais.

As usual, picgoers inside the Palais watched the last-minute VIP arrivals via closed-circuit camera, and many in the crowd gave a spontaneous “Ahhhh!” at the arrival of star Brad Pitt with his wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Unlike other high-profile Hollywood launches here, WB decided to forego a splashy post-preem party; instead, filmmakers, including helmer Wolfgang Petersen, hightailed it to a private fete.

Earlier in the afternoon, the helmer, star and several other lead actors took part in the traditional press conference, which was so crowded that about 150 journos were turned away. (One guard said the celebs brought so many entourage members that there were few seats left in the press theater.)

Petersen carefully pointed out that the film was “inspired by ‘The Iliad’; it’s not an adaptation of ‘The Iliad,’ and added he thought Homer “would smile” at the film.

Though one of the themes of the pic is immortality and fame, Pitt said he thinks “It all fades, so enjoy it while you can.”