In its first public pitch to ad and marketing companies, TiVo prexy Marty Yudkovitz touted the merits of using the original DVR — much maligned by network programmers for faciliting the ability to zap through commercials — to advertisers’ advantage.

“I think TiVo’s value to TV advertising may end up being, ironically, the biggest impact that TiVo brings to the TV industry overall,” he said at a press conference in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

Feeling the heat from competing cable and satellite operators creating their own combo set-top box/DVRs, or digital video recorders, Yudkovitz attempted to distinguish TiVo as the advertiser-friendly brand — one that can be used to prompt consumers to watch longer-form commercials related to products.

“TiVo is the only DVR that isn’t a slap in the face to the advertising business,” he asserted. “Every other DVR is capable of skipping ads. One DVR is capable of enhancing those ads and bringing rate value.”

Reps from Interscope Records and media-buying firm Starcom Mediavest discussed promos they had offered via TiVo that they said allow for more creativity and message effectiveness than traditional 30-second spots.

As advertisers and networks prepare to gather in New York for the annual advertising upfronts, TiVo is clearly looking to grow its business by landing a larger share of that multibillion-dollar pie.