Sirius move for USA vet

Greenstein to o'see all programming, marketing

This article was updated at 7:40 p.m.

NEW YORK — Former USA Films chairman Scott Greenstein has been named prexy of entertainment and sports for Gotham-based Sirius Satellite Radio.

Reporting to CEO Joe Clayton, Greenstein will oversee all programming, marketing and corporate marketing for the national satellite radio broadcaster, tasked in particular with developing new entertainment and sports programming channels for the service.

As a consultant to the second largest digital radio satcaster, Greenstein spearheaded Sirius’ recent exclusive live deal with the National Football League.

But with a Rolodex full of the numbers of financiers and Hollywood dealmakers, Greenstein could be a useful scout for possible strategic partnerships, acquisitions or new channels with which to bulk up Sirius’ programming lineup while expanding its technology into new video as well as audio realms.

Greenstein believes there’s considerable scope to expand traditional video-based entertainment into in-car audio services and believes the creative community is embracing the medium. “Music is obviously a big driver for us, but there’s a big opportunity for enhanced programming serving niche audiences through new channels,” said Greenstein.

Stern a possibility

Rocker and “Sopranos” thesp Steven Van Zandt recently joined the satcaster to create a new Garage Rock stream scheduled to launch later this year. There’s also been talk that shock jock Howard Stern, in hot water with the FCC, may look to launch a program on Sirius if his contract with Viacom permits.

Crediting Greenstein’s industry breadth and experience, Clayton said his new exec can be expected to “play a vital role in enhancing shareholder value” for the company.

“The promise of Sirius goes well beyond commercial-free radio. Satellite technology, as many television viewers already know, affords audiences great access, flexibility and precision in programming their own personal entertainment preferences,” said Greenstein.

As chair of USA Films, Greenstein oversaw USA Home Entertainment, which handled homevideo/DVD distribution for the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Assn. and Major League Baseball.

Before joining USA in 1999, Greenstein was co-prexy of October Films.

One of two U.S. satellite radio providers along with XM Satellite Radio, Sirius serves some 352,000 subscribers with 110 channels of commercial-free music, sports, information and entertainment for a flat rate of $12.95 per month. In addition to its music and news channels, Sirius offers live NHL, NBA and NFL games along with audio versions of services such as E! Entertainment TV.