DreamWorks made a big splash with a seaside launch of “Shark Tale” Friday.

At the Miramar Espace theater, a capacity crowd lapped up a 45-minute presentation, with scenes from the animated pic interspersed with commentary and plot summaries by exec Jeffrey Katzenberg and stars Will Smith, Jack Black and Angelina Jolie.

Afterward, DreamWorks staged a quintessential Cannes photo op at the pier of the Carlton. The three stars sat astride an inflatable pontoon, towed by a speedboat, waving to the crowd and flashing peace signs. As usual, the fotogs onshore shouted out to the stars, but this may be the first time in the history of the fest that the paparazzi hollered instructions to a boat captain (“Closer!” “Plus pres!”).

After a few minutes, Black jumped off the pontoon and dogpaddled back to the pier, which featured a 30-foot 3-D billboard for the toon.

Earlier at the presentation, Katzenberg praised Cannes as “the most prestigious film festival in the world,” adding, “It’s a marriage of real cinema and real film business.” Aside from “Shrek 2,” which screens in competition today, the studio wanted to tubthump “Shark,” since Cannes “is a great way to show the world what’s in store for DreamWorks.”

The pic, which bows in October, is a colorful comedy that spoofs several movie genres. It concerns a fish that owes money to the underwater mob but tries to promote his image as an underwater superhero.

In the 20-minute Q&A that followed the presentation, one journo asked Jolie about co-starring with such sexy actors as Smith, Black … and Brad Pitt.

Since the tabloids have been carrying rumors of the actress and Pitt, who are starring in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” the actress laughed, “I think you’re fishing for something.”

Smith interjected, “I’ll ask the real question: Have you slept with any of your co-stars? Spit it out, lady!”

Still laughing, Jolie said, “I absolutely haven’t been naked with any of these co-stars.”

Asked about their reactions at seeing animated versions of their selves, Smith deadpanned, “When I first saw Angelina’s fish, I started eating sushi.”