‘Office’ won’t be at Emmys

Second season one episode short of eligibility

“Office” boss Ricky Gervais won’t be giving any more acceptance speeches this side of the Atlantic.

After a double-win in the Golden Globes’ top acting and comedy categories, Brit laffer “The Office” will be conspicuously absent from primetime Emmy award ballots this year.

With six episodes required for consideration, the BBC America comedy has come up one short of eligibility.

Cabler had sent one of the six episodes in season two of “The Office” into competition for the International Emmys after it originally aired two years ago on BBC 2. The move effectively rendered the episode ineligible for the primetime Emmy race — the rules state only one seg can be submitted per awards show.

At the time, eight episodes were required to compete in the primetime Emmys. But this year, the TV Academy dropped the number to six. Now, with just five of the six segs available for submission, “The Office” is out of contention.

According to a BBC spokesman, the network mulled over the possibility of bumping up the premiere of the final two-part “Office” special — slated to air this fall — which would meet both the six-seg requirement and the Emmys May 21 deadline.

But after discussing the option with Gervais, creator and star of “The Office,” the cabler opted to leave the existing schedule intact.

“We wanted to give the show a proper sendoff later in the year,” the spokesman said.

Some had questioned BBC America’s status as co-producers of the show — a credit necessary for the U.K. show to compete in the Stateside primetime Emmys. (The show originally premiered in the U.K. in July 2001). TV Academy Awards VP John Leverence confirmed, however, that BBC America and the BBC had in fact co-produced the skein.

“As far as we know, they were legitimate co-producers,” Leverence said.