Must see Seinfeld’s back

Net, American Express pact for comedian-Superman special

With “Friends” gone, Seinfeld is returning to NBC’s Thursday night schedule — sort of.

Details are sparse, but NBC on Thursday issued a program advisory noting that on May 20, the network will air “The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman” from 8:44-9 p.m.

According to insiders, the net has partnered with American Express to air a special based on Jerry Seinfeld’s current Amex Web series, in which the comic pals around with the Man of Steel. NBC spec will mix original Seinfeld-Superman footage with elements from the Internet shorts.

While NBC had once planned to air the final three episodes of “Friends” on May 20, net will air a “supersized” repeat of “Friends” in conjunction with “Seinfeld & Superman” from 8-9 p.m. (A repeat of the “Friends” finale will air at 9.)

There’s no word yet on whether Amex is paying for the airtime, or if NBC simply views it as a way to get Seinfeld back on NBC.

Peacock execs were in pilot screenings and “Friends” finale mania and unable to say “what’s the deal” with the special.