Inside Move: ‘Restaurant’ didn’t get just desserts

Zucker in rare moment of candor

Fans of “The Restaurant” peeved at NBC for suddenly abandoning the reality show a few weeks ago have an unlikely ally: Jeff Zucker.

During a conference call with journos Tuesday, the NBC U TV Group topper conceded he screwed up by pulling the Mark Burnett-Ben Silverman docusudser after just three episodes had aired. Skein had been doing OK-but-not-great Nielsen numbers with the first few episodes of its second season.

“We made a mistake,” Zucker said during in a rare moment of candor for a network executive. “We made too quick of a decision on that. Under some pressure from stations that were not pleased with the (news) lead-in Monday at 10, I buckled. I regret that I didn’t keep ‘The Restaurant’ on in that time period.”

Indeed, repeats of “Crossing Jordan” and “Law & Order” actually drew fewer viewers than “The Restaurant” had been averaging.

NBC will give viewers a chance to see the final three segs of “The Restaurant,” airing two episodes this Saturday and the show’s finale June 5. Bravo will then repeat the entire run of the skein around the same time it airs a similar show from Silverman, the hair-focused “Blow Out.”

“Blow Out,” from Silverman and Shapiro/Grodner Prods., bows June 8 at 9 p.m.