Inside Move: Pushing ‘Frasier’ further

Par, Grammer mull new skein for titular character

“Frasier” may be ending — but that doesn’t mean either Paramount or Kelsey Grammer is ready to give up on Dr. Frasier Crane.

Or does it?

According to several industry insiders, Par topper Garry Hart and several NBC execs met last month to discuss the possibility of a series chronicling the next phase in Frasier’s life. Except for Grammer, new skein wouldn’t involve any of the main cast members from “Frasier”; it’s likely Dr. Crane would leave Seattle for another city.

While several sources confirm the meeting took place, Hart, through a spokesman, flatly denied the existence of any plans for a new Frasier skein and said no meeting with NBC took place.

Peacock execs declined comment, but industry insiders who believe the meeting did happen also say NBC opted against continuing the franchise. The network had the first rights to any spinoff, though that negotiating window now has closed.

With NBC out of the picture, Par is free to shop a new Frasier skein to another network; corporate sibling CBS would seem a logical choice.

Of course, Paramount would have to admit it’s interested in a new skein before it could pitch such an idea.

It’s unclear how eager Grammer may be to continue his Frasier character via a third series. Grammer has made it clear that he wouldn’t have minded continuing “Frasier.”

And the thesp’s interest may also be piqued by the knowledge that he’s one year away from breaking the record of consecutive years playing the same character in primetime. Grammer has portrayed Frasier for 20 years, tying him with “Gunsmoke” star James Arness, who played Marshal Matt Dillon for two decades.

Nonetheless, Grammer has a thriving production company in Grammnet and is said to be itching to spend more time in the feature film arena.