Seriously, dude, you’ve been shelved.

Fox has yanked its upcoming two-hour special “Seriously, Dude, I’m Gay.”

Insiders said the show just wasn’t up to snuff. But it probably didn’t help matters that the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which had viewed the special, also had some major concerns over the content.

“Seriously, Dude,” which was slated to run June 7, may have gotten off on the wrong foot from the start. Earlier this month, Fox had to take the unusual step of rewriting and retransmitting the press release announcing the special after several reporters called the network to complain.

As a result, Fox’s second release apologized for the first announcement’s “ill-chosen and inappropriate” humor.

Meanwhile, net execs who viewed the spec, produced by Rocket Science Laboratories (“Temptation Island”), said the show wasn’t offensive — it just wasn’t all that interesting. “We looked at it, and creatively it was not where we felt like it should be,” a Fox spokesman said.

By the time GLAAD requested a meeting with Fox execs to discuss their concerns, insiders said the net had already opted to pull “Seriously, Dude” off the schedule.

Spec follows two straight guys as they move to West Hollywood and attempt to pass for gay, with the help of three “gay coaches.” Whoever fools a jury of gay men the most wins the $50,000 prize. Fox has no plans to reschedule the special.

A repeat of the theatrical “American Pie 2” will air in its place.