Inside Move: Is Mel’s next passion to takeover Disney?

Gibson reported to be approached about being co.'s new face

Will Mel Gibson fill Walt Disney’s shoes? A rumor that Gibson, who demonstrated he can connect to conservative America with “The Passion of the Christ,” may be involved with a group looking to engineer a takeover of the Walt Disney Co. continued to gather steam over the weekend.

Gibson’s rep had no comment on the rumors.

In this scenario, Gibson would be asked to kick in a few hundred million. While “The Passion” has made Gibson a very rich man, indeed, his newfound fortune is merely a drop in the bucket compared with the $46 billion market cap on Disney as of Friday.

Last week, the New York Post reported Gibson had been approached about being the new face of the company by a consortium of European financiers putting together a bid for Disney. These investors were said to be impressed with the Gibson’s acumen at making a success of “The Passion,” which has grossed more than $580 million worldwide.