Inside Move: Eye plays ‘All-Star’ game

Net & Burnett plan post-finale, post-reunion seg

Just as NBC is getting the most from its “Friends,” CBS is looking to squeeze some extra mileage out of “Survivor: All-Stars.”

Skein will wrap its season Sunday with the usual two-hour finale and one-hour reunion show. But for the first time, CBS and “Survivor” exec producer Mark Burnett are planning a post-finale, post-reunion episode of the megahit.

On May 13, in the show’s usual 8 p.m. Thursday slot, Eye will air “Survivor: More With the All-Stars.” It’s a one-hour live special, hosted by Jeff Probst, that will feature interviews with the “Survivors,” clips — and a twist.

Just what Burnett has up his sleeve is unclear, but insiders said an audience voting component will be a part of next week’s “More With the All-Stars” special. What viewers will vote on, CBS isn’t saying, though insiders said the winner of the show will still be crowned this Sunday.

Eye is expected to release more details after tonight’s penultimate episode of “Survivor,” with even more clues about the new twist coming during Sunday’s finale event.

Whatever the twist, it’s expected to be part of Burnett’s mandate to continue changing up the “Survivor” game so that viewers — and players — remain unsure what’s coming next.