Comic wrangles comeback

Clifton up to his old tricks at Kaufman tribute

A correction was made to this article on May 18, 2004.

The big question on fans’ minds at Sunday’s tribute “Andy Kaufman: Dead or Alive?” was: Will Andy show up?

“He told his girlfriend Lynne Margulies that he would be back 20 years to this day after his death — May 16, 2004,” exclaimed Kaufman’s comedic partner, Bob Zmuda.

While Kaufman didn’t appear physically, his mischievous spirit was certainly present in the House of Blues: Kaufman’s lounge singer alter-ego Tony Clifton ticked off an audience member by dumping a bottle of water on his head. Revelers later followed Clifton to the Comedy Store, where they watched Kaufman’s wrestling nemesis, Jerry Lawler, wrangle WWE associates.

Kaufman’s manager George Shapiro, Bob Odenkirk and “Man on the Moon” biopic co-scribe Larry Karaszewski were also on hand.