NEW YORK — Broadway grosses dropped 7.2% to $15,843,640 during Week 48 (April 19-25), with attendance down 5.6% to 248,935. The number of shows declined from 33 to 31 after “King Lear” and “Barbara Cook’s Broadway” closed the previous week.

All but seven shows saw their grosses decrease. Taking the biggest hits were “The Phantom of the Opera” (down $111,442 to $566,049) and “Beauty and the Beast” (down $105,174 to $637,967). “Prymate” continued to struggle, earning just $23,663 in its first eight-preview week.

The Nederlander Org reported “Jumpers” had paid attendance of 6,884, up from 5,760 the previous week. That’s a curious figure, considering the gross dropped $59,573 to $239,573, and the show gave out comp seats to the press and the opening-night crowd last week (the org did not return several phone calls seeking comment).

“Bombay Dreams” saw the biggest uptick (it rose $72,064 to $587,013), though the show was coming off a week in which one of its seven previews was completely comped.

The 22 musicals grossed $13,819,198 for 87.2% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 208,315 at 82.6% of capacity.

The nine plays grossed $2,024,442 for 12.8% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 40,620 at 62.0% of capacity.

Average ticket prices were $66.34 for musicals, $49.84 for plays and $63.65 for all shows.