Zhang boards Seoul train for ‘Gangster’

Shooting to begin in March

SEOUL — “House of Flying Daggers” thesp Zhang Ziyi will star in “My Wife Is a Gangster 3,” a co-production between China Film Group and South Korea’s Hyun Jin Cinema.

The $9 million pic will be helmed by Cho Jin-gyu, who directed the original “Gangster” in 2001. Miramax bought remake rights to that pic, one of South Korea’s biggest hits with 5.3 million viewers.

Zhang is a fan of the South Korean mafia comedy franchise and made a cameo appearance in last year’s “Gangster 2,” which failed to ignite the local box office.

The final part of the “Gangster” trilogy will have the female organized crime boss, played by Shin Eun-kyung in the first two installments, heading to China to take revenge for a murder, where she will encounter Zhang’s character, the boss of a triad.

Shooting will begin in March. Pic is set for a late 2005 release in South Korea and China.