MADRID — French sales and financing company Wild Bunch has taken worldwide rights outside Spain on “Cargo,” a thriller written by longtime Ken Loach scribe Paul Laverty.

“Cargo” follows Sean, a European who slips onto a ship with a group of illegal African immigrants. When the crew discovers the stowaways, they kill the Africans and keep Sean to work in the kitchen. But the crew begins to disappear one by one.

Budgeted at $11.8 million, pic is a 50/50 co-production from Spain’s Morena Films and the U.K.’s Slate Films.

It will be directed by Clive Gordon, a BAFTA-award winning docu filmmaker, known for his cinematic approach, who’s had a longstanding relationship with Brit broadcaster Channel 4.

Actor-director Peter Mullan (“The Magdalene Sisters”) plays the ship’s captain, and Luis Tosar, who won a Spanish Academy Goya for his perf in “Take My Eyes,” co-stars as the ship’s cook. Sean has yet to be cast.

Drawing down U.K. Section 48 coin, the film will shoot in South Africa and Spain, rolling Sept. 6. Post-production will take place in the U.K.