SPI releases across territories

Co. also opens Filmostrada fest as pic platform

PRAGUE — Distributor SPI, which operates in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, has begun cross-territory distribution in tandem with lining up its initial co-production credits.

The first local film to benefit from the new initiative is Polish critical success “Edi,” which has opened in Slovakia and the Czech Republic before going on to Hungary.

Realizing that premiering a film in the increasingly competitive markets isn’t enough to guarantee audiences, SPI has created its own “traveling festival,” Filmostrada, which packages a half-dozen films into one event involving a single poster, campaign and image, that moves across the territory. The campaign began last year in Poland, and was unveiled this spring in the Czech Republic.

SPI will be in Cannes to promote 12 Polish films in various stages of production. For now, SPI has been signing on during the last phase of production. The guarantee of multi-territorial distribution has been its biggest pull.

Poland has yielded eight productions thus far, including “Symetria” directed by Konrad Niewolski. The film has drawn some 100,000 admissions in Poland.