Inside Move: All that Baz

Helmer fashions side work

Where’s the buzz on Baz?

After years’ worth of media mania over multi-hyphenate Baz Luhrmann — spurred by glitzy films (“Moulin Rouge”) and vibrant operas (“La Boheme”) — the Aussie seems to have gone under.

And in a sense, he has. A new father, Luhrmann has been spending his time not on a set but in Australia, where his name has been popping up on the Sydney society pages as a guest at fashion shows during Australian Fashion Week.

The runways aren’t Luhrmann’s first glamour-world lark — earlier this year he directed Nicole Kidman in a Chanel No. 5 spot (for which the leggy thesp received $5 million).

But business as usual is next on the horizon: The director just turned in David Hare‘s script for his Alexander the Great project to Universal and will be working on the final draft in the coming months, says his agent.

No word as to whether or not that’ll be his next project, though that may be determined by the success of another Alexander pic, directed by Oliver Stone, out this fall.