Ad pours gasoline on Bush

Detroit Project Action Fund spends $100,000 to run spot

HOLLYWOOD — Seeking to politicize gas pumps, Laurie David and Arianna Huffington will unveil an ad today meant to blame President Bush for high gas prices.

The Detroit Project Action Fund will spend an initial $100,000 to run the spot, by Scott Burns, in L.A., Gotham and D.C.

Founders of the Detroit Project include David, Huffington, Lawrence Bender and Ari Emanuel. Last year, the project aired ads that argued foreign oil dependence helped fund terrorists.

Of the latest ad, David said, “The central message is that all this talk about what’s happening with gas prices can be directly connected to the Bush leadership’s oil policies.”

A poll by Gallup for USA Today and CNN found that a majority of people said they would drive less to save money on gas, which has hit a record national average of $2.05.

The poll also found that while 20% of Americans blame the Iraq war and 20% more blame oil company greed for the higher prices, just 5% blame Bush.

“That’s going to change,” David said. “That’s the reason we did this ad.”

Huffington said the campaign was “about connecting the dots between the skyrocketing gas prices and the Bush administration’s failed energy policies.”

The spot takes place at a gas pump, showing the meter shooting past $50. Other numbers show up at the pump, including oil company profits and oil company contributions to the Bush campaign. Blurb ends with the tagline: “It’s time for an oil change.”