Coinciding with the official market debut of its sales arm, film investor and distributor Korean Pictures has added actioner “Fighter in the Wind” to its lineup at Cannes and is prepping an epic action film, “Chosun’s Female Detective,” featuring a femme gumshoe during the Chosun Dynasty.

Another lead attraction of Korea Pictures’ slate is the $7 million period drama “Cheungyeon,” toplining Jang Jinyoung (“Sojun”) as a pioneering Korean femme flying ace.

Directed by Yoon Jongchan, produced by Cineline II and set in the 1920s and ’30s during the Japanese occupation of Korea, pic is lensing, with aviation cinematography specialist Vernon H. Nobles working on aerial sequences. It will be released in December.

Marking the comeback of director Lee Myungse (“Nowhere to Hide”), who hasn’t made a film for four years, “Detective” will roll in September, shooting mainly in Korea.

Produced by Korea Pictures and Lee’s own banner and budgeted at $10 million, “Detective” is one of the biggest films ever made in Korea.

An action bio of Korean martial arts master Oyama Masutastu, “Fighter” was sold to the U.K.’s Momentum by Tube Entertainment before the launch of Korean Pictures.

Korean Pictures’ first sales slate also includes “Love, So Divine,” about a priest who must chose between his love of God and that for a woman.

Romantic comedy “My Little Bride” is screening at Cannes.