Corrections were made to this article on March 10, 2004.

SAN JOSE — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing at edition 14 of San Jose film fest Cinequest Wednesday.

Its time and location announced just this weekend to accommodate the governor’s hectic new public-office schedule, tribute to the “Life of a Maverick: The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger” will take place at 6 p.m. on the San Jose State U. campus.

Fest’s official closer on March 14 is Terry L. Benedict’s “The Conscientious Objector,” a docu about religious pacifist Desmond T. Doss, who refused to take up arms during WWII but won the Medal of Honor nonetheless for extraordinary bravery as a battlefield medic. Doss himself will attend the world-premiere screening.

In addition to Schwarzenegger, in-person recipients of this year’s Maverick awards include screenplay team David and Janet Peoples (“Blade Runner,” “Unforgiven”) and Kurt Miller of groundbreaking sports-pic niche shingle Warren Miller Films.

Fest sports some 15 world-preeming full-lengthers. They include Luis Galvao Teles’ Portuguese suspenser “Fado Blues”; Ryan Harper’s “30 Miles,” the first HD feature to be shot with the P+S Technik Pro-35mm Adapter (which more closely achieves 35mm’s depth of field); Tennyson Bardwell’s gay high school comedy “Dorian Blues”; and thesp Joe Morton’s directorial bow, “Sunday on the Rocks.”

Among North American and U.S. bows are Andrzej Czarnecki’s Polish pic “Being,” a 1991 title that was initially banned, then left on the shelf for 10 years; Ulf Malmros’ acclaimed German dark comedy “Slim Susie”; operatic bio “Caballe: Beyond Music”; and Christopher Coppola’s horror spoof “The Curse of Bloodhead.”

One notable addition this year is the launch of Cinequest Online, an Internet distribution and promotion division that will enable users to download or stream DVD-quality full-length films, shorts, trailers and interviews with current/past “Maverick” honorees.