Sales arm is new Hybrid vehicle

Pares, de la Vega pic first on slate, will debut at Cannes

Hybrid Pictures has launched international sales and distribution shingle Hybrid Pictures Intl.

Outlet’s first title is “Jennifer’s Shadow,” a psychological thriller starring Faye Dunaway and Gina Philips (“Jeepers Creepers”) and written and directed by Pablo Pares and Daniel de la Vega. Pic makes its debut at the upcoming Cannes Market.

PJ Pettiette oversees production, finance and distribution for Hybrid, with Claudie Viguerie handling sales. Company plans to produce three to five films a year budgeted around $5 million.

Hybrid works primarily with international directors, focusing on talent from Argentina. The sales arm will sell movies produced by Hybrid and its Argentinian division, Etoile Filante Prods., but could handle other producers’ work in the future.

Pettiette exec produced “The General,” directed by John Boorman, and served as executive in charge of production and finance at Miklen Entertainment.

Viguerie has launched two magazines in Paris and a graphics design studio, working with French press and international customers.