Prolific director Oxide Pang (“The Eye”) has another film in the works — beyond the Cannes-announced $5 million “Re-Cycle,” which Pang is prepping with brother Danny, and solo effort “Ab-Normal Beauty,” due in November.

Pang is taking a co-director and producer credit with Mona Nahm on “The Remaker,” which should also be ready for delivery late year, said Nucci Chai, general manager of GM-Film Bangkok, which is producing the film.

A drama-thriller, film turns on a man who survives a car accident to discover he can dream the future, and is haunted by what seem to be the sins of a past life.

“Remaker” is being introduced to buyers at Cannes by the Bangkok-based Han Media Culture sales company.

Pang has teamed in the past with Film Bangkok, one of the country’s biggest film producers, directing both “Bangkok Dangerous” and “One Take Only” for the production company.

Han’s sales slate at Cannes also includes the $3 million — a big budget for Thailand — fantasy pic “The Siam Renaissance,” which shuttles between Thailand’s colonial past and the present.