Palisades Pix pacts on P&A

Deal includes 'Young Things,' 'Tapes,' 'Wars,' 'Bone'

Palisades Pictures Entertainment Group has pacted with a cross-section of independent distributors to cover $10.5 million in print and advertising costs in 2004.

These include ThinkFilm’s “Bright Young Things” and “September Tapes” and Seventh Art Releasing’s “Word Wars” and “Down to the Bone.”

Palisades also will be involved in “Tour of Duty,” a documentary about Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

The shingle is in talks to provide $4 million in P&A for the controversial doc “Bush’s Brain.”

Among the titles Palisades has backed this year are ThinkFilm’s “Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself” and “The Agronomist,” Small Planet Pictures’ “Gypsy 83” and First Look’s “Close Your Eyes.”

Upcoming are Lot 47’s “Ghostlight,” First Look’s “Angela” and “Boys and Girls From County Claire.”

Palisades plans to handle 24 titles this year and hopes to double that in 2005.

Mark Severini is founder and president of Palisades and Vincent Roberti is chairman-CEO.

Financing is arranged through McGinn, Smith out of Albany, N.Y.