New Line has acquired the Japanese novel “Out” and will draft it into an Americanized thriller that will be directed by Hideo Nakata.

Written by Natsuo Kirino, the book is a thriller about four female factory workers who band together when one kills her abusive husband. The Americanized version will be done in the spirit of “Thelma & Louise.”

Pic will be produced by Julie Glucksman, Amanda Stern and Fred Bodner, with exec veepee Mark Ordesky overseeing the book purchase. They expect to sign a writer quickly to work with Nakata, who is an interesting choice to Americanize a Japanese property. After all, he helmed “Ringu,” which DreamWorks turned into the hit “The Ring”; “Kaosu,” the remake of which is in development at Universal; and “Dark Water,” which also got an American makeover.

Nakata is making his U.S. feature debut with “The Ring 2” at DreamWorks.