Moby, the eclectic techno musician, has come on board to produce a biopic of late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. Project is being developed by Gotham-based producer Amy Hobby (“Secretary”) with London-based Neil Weisman.

Moby will take an exec producer credit and specifically work on shaping the pic’s musical elements.

Curtis, famed for his anguished lyrics and intense, frantic stage persona, committed suicide in 1980, on the day before the band was due to make its U.S. debut. The reasons for his suicide were never clear, but he was an epileptic and there have been suggestions that his depression was caused by mismanagement of his medication.

“Ian Curtis was a tragic romantic in the classic sense of the word,” Weisman said. “He always thought he would be famous as some kind of poet and die by his mid-20s, and that’s what happened. I see this film as a kind of rock ‘n’ roll ‘Shine.’ ”

Weisman has close relationships with former Joy Division manager Tony Wilson (himself the center of Michael Winterbottom’s “24 Hour Party People,” which also dealt with the death of Curtis) and the surviving members of the band, who went on to success as New Order.

The film is based on extensive research by Hobby, who took the project to Weisman. Co-producer Victoria Ryan brought in Moby. They are seeking to attach a screenwriter in the hope of having the project ready to shoot next year.