Veteran Brit character actor Kevin McNally, who appears in Cannes closer “De-Lovely,” is developing a biopic of iconic Brit comedian Tony Hancock for himself to star.

The project is titled “Stone Me,” one of Hancock’s distinctive phrases of disbelief.

McNally, whose film credits range from “Cry Freedom” to “Spice World” to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” has teamed on the project with London-based producer Neal Weisman. Screenplay is being written by Beth Elliot and Nick Hopkins, adapted from Cliff Goodwin’s biography “When the Wind Changed.”

Hancock was the prototype of the depressive comic genius. Along with Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers, he was one of the most influential comedians of his generation. His 1950s sitcom “Hancock’s Half Hour,” first a radio show and then a TV series, was a milestone in British comedy.

But he could never shake off a sense of failure, and ended up killing himself in an Australian hotel room in 1968.