Inside Move: ‘Home’ away from home

Cannes crusade woos vagrants

Alert the tux shops.

Alongside the yachts and starlets at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Luxembourg director Robert Biver plans to gather 100 homeless people for a screening of his doc-fiction hybrid “SDF Go Home,” which explores the world of those who live on the streets.

It won’t be the first time the pic has put itself in front of the cameras at the fest: Three homeless men dressed in tuxedos walked the red carpet with Biver last year to draw attention to the pic — then in production — whose title comes from the French acronym for homeless person “Sans Domicile Fixe” (Without Fixed Address).

Pic will be shown May 14 at the Studio13/MJC Picaud venue in Cannes, two days after the fest opens.

It was shot over a two-year period and cost the equivalent of “a buffet dinner put on by an American major,” according to producer Zero Franc Prods.

Biver and the production outfit are soliciting donations to find a bus, living space and necessities for the homeless people who want to attend.

— Liza Klaussmann and AFP