After getting Universal to the altar with an overall deal following “American Wedding,” Adam Herz has made his first project purchase. Dave Callaham has been set to write an untitled thriller for Herz, who has named his U-based company Terra Firma Films.

Pic is described only as a thriller that revolves around the international space station, and Terra Firma co-presidents Greg Lessans and Josh Shader will shepherd the pic and produce with Herz. Herz, who is also writing a comedy that he plans to direct for the shingle, said the new project fits with the company philosophy of hatching projects internally and then matching them with hot writers.

“I’m expecting people to wonder what the hell we’re doing developing a thriller set in Earth’s orbit,” he said. “Part of that answer is that thrillers operate much like comedies do. In a comedy, you grab people by their funny bone and keep tickling. In thrillers, you grab them somewhere else and keep squeezing.”

Callaham’s first spec, “Horesemen,” was bought by Focus for Radar and Platinum Dunes to produce. He’s scripting “Doom” at Warner Bros. for producers John Wells and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and has a blind script deal at WB to follow. U’s Mary Parent and Damien Saccani will supervise the space-station thriller.