‘Hector’ hero of Spain fest

Pic wins two awards

MADRID — Gracia Querejeta’s resonant coming-of-age drama “Hector” took the best film trophy at the seventh Malaga Spanish Film Festival, Spain’s major showcase for homegrown movies, which concluded Saturday.

Querejeta’s fourth pic turns on an adolescent forced to move into the flat of his aunt’s family in a working-class Madrid suburb. It was produced by the helmer’s father, Elias Querejeta, with DeAplaneta and Ensueno.

Adriana Ozores took actress kudos for her perf in “Hector.”

Pic inherits the oblique style that Elias Querejeta popularized in the ’60s working with directors such as Carlos Saura (“The Hunt”).

But in a sign of how much Spanish cinema has changed, the rich background action or symbols aren’t used to score points against Franco’s regime, but rather to map characters’ emotions and conflicts.

Debutante Vicente Penarrocha’s “Fuera del cuerpo” (Body Confusion) won for director and screenplay. A kind of “Truman Show” in uniform, pic follows a Civil Guard who begins to doubt the reality of his existence.

Spanish star TV reporter-cum-standup-comic Pablo Carbonell drew a surprise actor nod for “Atun y chocolate” (Tuna and Chocolate). It’s a genial, caring portrait of a down-on-its-heels fishing community on Spain’s southern coast, awash in the country’s natural-born losers, such as Moroccan immigrants, a daffy drug-runner and Carbonell’s character, a sardine fisherman who spends the film trying to land a mastodon-sized tuna fish for his wedding dinner.