Spanish mini-studio Filmax has attached Alejandro Toledo to helm the medieval epic “Capitan Trueno,” one of the big Spanish productions being prepped for 2005.

A commercials director, Toledo will make his feature film debut with “Trueno.”

Based on a popular Spanish comic strip from the 1960s, the Spanish-lingo “Trueno” focuses on a knight, Capitan Trueno, who takes part in the Crusades and is charged with delivering the Holy Shroud to the pope in a mission meant to bring peace to Christiandom.

Assailed on all sides by enemies who want to frustrate his mission, he is aided by his page Crispin, a fearless female Viking warrior and the giant Goliath.

“Trueno” — which means “thunder” in Spanish — will mix epic action and a highly stylized visual approach casting Capitan Trueno as a modern movie version of the classical hero.

A long-mooted project at Filmax, pic is skedded to roll in 2005 and will be produced by Filmax prexy Julio Fernandez. Key cast has yet to be announced.

“This is a very ambitious project. The idea is to make a film that will be hugely appealing to young Spanish audiences and, from being set in such places as Egypt, will introduce foreign audiences to the Mediterranean world of the time,” said Filmax senior VP of sales and co-productions, Antonia Nava.

“Capitan Trueno” could well be framed as a domestic or international co-production, she added.