BERLIN — Jan Mojto’s EOS Distribution is joining fellow international distrib Beta Cinema this year at the Cannes Film Festival market.

Mojto, who is still in the process of taking over Beta from its former owner, the bankrupt Kirch Media, is expected to keep the Beta name once the merger is completed.

Company will continue to handle international distribution for German and foreign productions as well as projects from Mojto’s production shingle, EOS Entertainment.

At least for the current market, Beta and EOS will present their product lineups at a joint stand. Beta is hawking Mennan Yapo’s “Soundless” from Berlin producer X Filme, and “Ghetto,” Lithuanian director Audirus Jzenas’ adaptation of the award-winning play.

EOS, meanwhile, is offering Bernd Eichinger’s “The Downfall,” about the final days of the Third Reich, starring Bruno Ganz and Juliane Koehler, as well as Ben Verbong’s hit tyke comedy “My Magical Friend Sams.”

Mojto, who was Kirch Media’s programming chief before exiting the company in 2001, acquired Beta in March along with a choice chunk of the Kirch library, including all international rights — some 15,000 hours of films and series that made up one-fifth of Kirch’s programming stockpile.